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Optoma HD23 review

I’d been eyeing projectors since November, and was planning to treat myself to one for Christmas. The Optoma HD 200x initially caught my eyes. It had good reviews and Amazon was doing it for £599. I also looked at the Optoma HD33/300x but wasn’t set on the idea of 3D, as I find that the content currently available in that format is rather limited.

The HD23 was quietly available for online purchase from Richer Sounds before a February announcement by Optoma. Guessing this new model was a successor to the 200X/HD20 I dropped the £749 and bought it blind. Excellent choice it would seem. The HD23 which I purchased is an improvement on the 20 series, it features the DarkChip3 in the HD33, 2500 lumens and an ANSI contrast ratio of 500:1. What that means on paper is irrelevant. It was when I rigged it up and set up the colour settings I was impressed.

Fast forward to now. I’ve only been using it for a little over a month, but I’ve managed to rack up 134 hours on the lamp. I did not notice rainbow effect unless I deliberately moved my head fast to provoke its presence. It seems the rainbow effect is most likely to present itself with strong contrasts, say a black background with white text during a credit sequence that is moving rapidly. The projector is ceiling mounted, and I sit directly under it. I can not hear it at all, running in bright mode (which provokes the fan to its loudest) and even when I’m not listening to anything. From around 4.5m away I have a 115″ screen — this is not at its maximum throw at this distance, but it fits the wall nicely and misses the radiator below it. Using a grey wall without a screen provides a shockingly lifelike picture with vivid and luminescent details.

Night time viewing gets away with low brightness settings, which bring a rich colour and quality. However, I was able to watch in daylight with higher colour, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a film experience, more of a daytime TV viewing one. This is because daytime requires a higher brightness to compensate, which washes out some of the colour details.

For optimum colour settings, after 100 hours on the bulb I would recommend these settings:

Daytime or large level of ambient light

  • Contrast – 45
  • Brightness – 37
  • Color – 64
  • Tint – 50
  • Sharpness – 7

Nightime or low level of ambient light

  • Contrast – 45
  • Brightness – 37
  • Color – 56
  • Tint – 50
  • Sharpness 7

I am thoroughly impressed and would recommend this to anyone!