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New Crystalbuntu Update: October 2011

This update shortly follows the September update. The upcoming version of XBMC 11.0, named Eden, has now hit a soft feature freeze. This means that no new features will be added to this version of XBMC and will be deferred to the next release. However, Crystalbuntu will still be getting new features as a Linux distribution. This update is in fact the sixth consecutive update for Crystalbuntu, marking six months of solid updates so far with so much more to come.

  • New PVR build
  • Native AirTunes support
  • AFP support
  • New and speedier JPEG library
  • CrystalHD green dot bug fixed (again)
  • Fix DBus bug
  • Fix hostname bug
  • Fix JSON bug
  • Rollback option added to plugins
  • Improved HDD installer
    • Windows and Linux installers can now reinstall original Apple OS
  • 24 hour nightly builds of XBMC

Now AFP, NFS and SMB support is offered there is a network protocol for everyone. AFP is particularly useful for OSX Lion users as now NFS does not need to be configured as a server.

For a full list of changes, see the changelog at the bottom of the page here

Just restart your Apple TV to get this update immediately. Let me know how it goes, and consider making a donation to help fund future enhancements such as the aforementioned.