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New Crystalbuntu Update: March 2012

Hey everyone. Sorry that this isn’t the most feature filled update but I am extremely busy with exams, work on the Raspbmc distribution and life in general! I didn’t find the time to implement everything I wanted this month, but be assured I will be adjusting the Configuration Utility soon to add more features and fix some long lasting bugs. For now though, here are the main features of the update:

  • XBMC Eden RC2
  • Spotify support
  • Updated CEC Adapter support for more devices
  • Fix Python issues that may have emerged when users used Python scripts such as SABNZBD or tried to install a desktop
  • Fixed IceFilms and 1Channel

Just restart your Apple TV to get this update immediately. Let me know how it goes, and consider making a donation to help fund future enhancements such as the aforementioned.